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Why Panasonic camera get a MDT file, how to wrap it to MOV video

July 17th 2020

We received a message from a Panasonic camera user, she has a Panasonic WXF991 camera, file is 12.8GB. She needed it to be converted to .MOV. She understand from our website we can do it. So, she sent us message for details for the service.

Why Panasonic camera get a MDT file?

On the SD card, all the other files are MOV video file, but one file is MDT file which can’t be played or edited. We checked with the user, the power was dead and change another battery during the recording. Seem it was caused by the power issue.

How to wrap it to MOV video?

The file comes to MDT file if the camera doesn’t finish wrapping the video. In this case, if we have the MDT file, we can re-wrap it to MOV video file without any issue. The MDT file has all the raw data inside, we can rebuild the missing header for the file and make it played and editable.