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The best way to convert SONY RSV to MXF video file

July 29th 2021

SONY FX6 camera save a file as RSV

Our client shoots a lot of MXF files for television program using SONY FX6 camera, but notice one of the MXF files was corrupted, the folder contains an RSV file in it, the file size is 28GB, that seems to have all the data, but the file cannot be played or imported to editing software. The client sent us message to looking for a solution on the RSV MXF video convert problem.

What is the difference between RSV and MXF file?

Let us check the header of a working MXF, it is the code:

But the header of RSV:

The header of the RSV is not right, it means the RSV is un-finalized data file of the MXF video.

To rebuild header to convert RSV to MXF video

We learn a lot on the RSV and MXF video structure, we provide the best solution for the 28 GB RSV. To resolve the RSV file issue, you must send us your file, there is no any software for the converting. We will manually analyze your file and validate all video frame and audio track to make sure it doesn’t have any glitches and sync problem.

If you have any question on RSV or MXF video, please feel free to let us know, we will be happy to receive your message and answer your question.