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TF(Micro SD) Card Data Recovery For DJI Drone (MP4 Video)

June 8th 2022

Video Deleted After TF Card Format

All videos were deleted after TF(Micro SD) card was formatted, the TF card was used by DJI drone Marvic 2. Our client managed to retrieved MP4 videos, but none of them can be opened, video player prompts error code 0xc00d36c4. Client asked us if we can repair these damaged videos.

Rebuild Data Fragment To Recover DJI MP4 Video

For this case, the MP4 video can be repaired directly. Why? DJI MP4 video files are saved in data fragments in TF card, it is difficult to be restored after formatting.To get perfect video, we need to rebuild data fragment for every MP4 video file. Client send us all broken video files, we manually recovered all MP4 video files by our professional skills.

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