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Resolved Can Not Find Video after Camera Crash

April 24th 2022

Video lost after Canon 6D2 Camera Crash

The camera got a video data problem, the camera was crashed during wedding ceremony, for some of cases, the camera created a DAT file on the SD card, but for this case, it has nothing, it has video of before and after, but one video was lost, not even a DAT file.

Recover the MP4 video By Data Extract

We learn that the lost video duration is about 30 minutes, all videos after that recording is only 3 minutes. That means it still can be recovered although the camera did not create the file name and there is no DAT file, we still have solution for this case. We recovered 27 minutes’ video by data extracting, the problem was resolved.

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Warning, please don’t record or save any new files into the SD if any issue happened.