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Repair 4K video file recorded by SONY FDR-AX53

June 30th 2020

Message from client:

I was shooting 4K video on a Sony Camcorder (FDR-AX53). The tripod was knocked over and the camera hit the ground and the SD Card popped out. I put the card back in the camera. I got a message ‘file did not close properly do I want to recover it’, I click on “YES”. I can’t open the file in my editor or any software I’ve tried. Are you able to do a full restore with audio and video and for them to be synchronized, also for stutter not to be an issue?

Richard Recovery help to Repair:

The MP4 video file is 38GB, We got the file from Internet and succeed to restore the broken MP4 video file without any problem, video and audio streams keep synchronized, no stutter, and no glitches.