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Recover MDT file MP4 video of Panasonic Lumix Camera

May 25th 2020

Message from client:

I have a video file filmed on a Panasonic Lumix camera in 4K. The problem is that it saved with an extension MDT that is used for Microsoft Access instead of mp4! I saw on Internet that this happens with this particular camera when battery is low. I know it can be recovered,  because it has the size of 30GB, but I fail to recover it by myself. Is this something you can do? I need the file recovered and saved as an mp4. Please advise, before I send the file which is pretty big.

RichardRecovery make it work:

After our professional work, the MDT was recovered in the original quality. Our client is satisfied with the result.

For MDT format of Panasonic camera, so long as it is a file with size(data), we can recover it in 100% without any glitches. For bigger file, we suggest you to send it by free tool. Befor you pay us by PayPal, we will send you full length video for preview.