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Recover DAT/MP4 video file recorded by Canon M50

June 5th 2020

A MP4 video file cannot be played, how to fix it?

“The recording device is Canon EOS M50, one record comes on a DAT file that cannot be played, not even in the same camera! It should be MP4 format video file, it does not work even changing the extension to MP4. ” This is a video problem our client faced.

The best way to recover DAT to MP4 file.

After we checked with our client, the camera was low battery in the end of the recording, the device shut down before stop recording, this is the reason for the file issue. The DAT file is in the size of 1.8GB, we ask the client to send us the file by Google Drive.

For DAT file issue, the best way is to fix it by manual recovery of Richard Recovery. For the latest Canon camera, the video code is more and more complicated, and the recovery skill must be improved for the new code. We always keep eyes with developing of new technology to server for video data recovery.