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How to repair M4A/3GP recording audio file(voice memo)

December 2nd 2019

How a M4A/3GP recording audio file(voice memo) get broken or corrupted?

The audio file has the extension M4A or 3GP, it may be recorded by your iPhone, Android phone like: Huawei, Samsung, or by your computer, OneNote, etc,..If your recording device experienced power failure, accidentally interrupted by incoming call, no response or device crash during recording, you will find a corrupted M4A or 3GP audio file. The file cannot be played on your Phone, PC or MAC, you will get error message when you try to play it with any media player.

Why the M4A or 3GP audio file cannot be played?

The damaged M4A or 3GP file is an unfinalized file if something wrong happen during recording. For the M4A or 3GP audio format, most of them are cncoded in AAC format, it has a section called header which includes a lot of information for playing, the unfinalized file doesn’t have the correct header, so it can’t be played. To make it work, we need to rebuild the missing section.

How to repair corrupted M4A or 3GP audio file?

If you are searching for M4A audio repairing tool to repair corrupted audio file, but failed, please do not be disappointed, I can help you to repair M4A or 3GP audio file. I can rebuild the header for your file, You will have a perfect repaired audio file.

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