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How to Repair CANON .DAT File TO .MOV Video [Resolved]

December 27th 2023

It got a corrupted .DAT file after battery replacement

What we repaired today is a corrupted .DAT file of a CANON R6MII camera, the client messaged us that he has corrupted Canon video .DAT file due to battery replacement without first turning off recording, it is a 28GB RSV file which needed to be repaired to MP4 with audio, the client also told us he tried a lot of repair software and asked around, but all failed. Don’t worry, have a workable solution for .dat file recovery.

Repack the RAW .dat file to MP4 video by video coding is very good at Video Repair and Video Data Recovery, we learned very well on structure of video format, and developed powerful program to repair video file. For the Canon .dat file, we support all Canon cameras, we can repair any .dat files to .mov video, so please don’t worry if you are facing an issue on .dat file or .mov video of your canon camera.

Here is the steps to get your video repaired.

Step 1. Send us the file

Please upload the file to any cloud storage, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, WeTransfer, Mega, One Drive, or others you know, then get a share link and send us the link.

Step 2. Waiting for repair

We will repair it within 1-24 hours, depending on the file size and numbers.

Step 3. Checking Preview

You will bet a full video preview so that you can check the duration and glitches.

You will find out repair it perfectly.

Step 4. Sending Payment and Get Video

Please prepare PlayPal account to transfer the payment and then get a link to download the repaired video.