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How to repair CANON DAT file to MOV or MP4 video file

September 12th 2019

You have a damaged DAT file?

If you experienced power failure, accidentally interrupted, no response or device crash during recording with CANON camera, you will find a damaged DAT file instead of MOV or MP4 file on memory card. The DAT file cannot be played, you will get error message when you want to play it with media player. It will be failed if you want to convert it with video convertor. 

Why the DAT file cannot be played?

For CANON camera, you will get MOV or MP4 file if the device works well, the DAT file is an unfinalized file if something wrong happen during shooting. For the MOV or MP4 format, it has header, body and footer sections, the DAT is just the body, it has raw video data, but it doesn’t have header and footer, so it cannot be played. To make it work, we need to rebuild the header and footer for the body section. 

How to repair corrupted DAT file?

If you are searching for DAT repairing tool or converter to repair corrupted DAT video file, but failed, please do not be disappointed, you are lucky to read this article, because I can MANUALLY repair corrupted DAT video file. I can rebuild the header and footer for the body section. You will have a perfect repaired MOV or MP4 for the DAT.

If you have a corrupted DAT file, please contact me, I will repair it for you.

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