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Fix corrupted MP4 video recorded by SONY NX100

May 20th 2022

Sony camcorder loses power, causing video corruption

The camera is used for training recording, camera model is SONY HXR-NX200. Due to the long recording, the power is cut off, result in a damaged video . The recording is about 1 hour, the file is 32 GB. This video can not be played with any media player. Client emailed us  to ask if we can repair the broken MP4 video caused by the power failure of the Sony camera.

Richard Recovery successfully repair Sony MP4 video file

For this case, we need to get the file to repair. For file larger than 30 GB, client need to upload with any cloud storage. Our professional repair keep the original video quality without any synchronization problem.

Richard Recovery focuses on video file repair and video data recovery, we provide professional recovery service for global client, please feel free to let us know if you are facing any video data issue, we will reply to you as soon as we can.